Leftover roast chicken soup text

Leftover Roast Chicken Soup

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Leftover Roast Chicken Soup

Leftover Roast Chicken soup is exactly that: an act of leftovers. Nobody heads into the weekends bragging about the soup they are gonna make but it’s the smart play to make when you want to turn one dinner into two, or three or four. Soup tastes better the next day, you can freeze it and its one dish that is simply better made at home than anywhere else.

If you made the simple roast chicken recipe I shared last week, get ready. This the perfect companion recipe.


Recipe: Simple Roast Chicken

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Simple Roast Chicken 

I have been roasting whole chickens for over a decade now. At one point I was into a Jamie Oliver recipe where you made a prosciutto herb butter and stuffed it under the skin. That was pretty darn good but a bit time consuming and frankly not any better than a simple roast chicken. I’m going to show you a very basic recipe that hones in on the essential elements of a perfect roast chicken dinner: juicy meat, crispy skin and delicious fat soaked vegetables as your sides.

Honestly, I salivate while just thinking about it.

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Recipe: Coffee Rub Steak

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Coffee Rub Steak 

This isn’t the first time I have made a coffee rub steak on the grill. But in the age of the Coronapocalypse, my grilling has kicked into overdrive. The age of #selfquarantine has also got me looking at a big fat shelf of cookbooks I have collected over the years that I just don’t crack open often enough. Well that is all about to change. I’m starting a new chapter of Bang for your Burger Buck: Cook the Book, where I test drive recipes and share the results.

And with that, let’s get down with Cool Smoke’s Coffee Rub Steak . . . .

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Slider Recipe: White Castle in your own Castle

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Slider Recipe montage

a Slider Recipe

A slider recipe. Really? Yeah, it seems so simple you don’t even need one but consider these two fundamental burger realities:

  1. Everybody loves the sound of making burgers on the grill but they don’t always come out primetime.
  2. Everybody loves the sound of sliders but lots of restaurants serve up overpriced lil’ burgers and let’s be real: White Castle is awesome in idea, less so in reality. Unless you are hammered.

Which brings me to an enchanted recipe that merges two great ideas to into an easily executed reality: making sliders in the backyard.

Old Forester tasting menu whiskey pairing for the evening

Old Forester tasting menu at Provision Austin

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Old Forester tasting menu event at Provision montage

The Vitals:
the spot: Provision 4200 B W. Braker Lane Austin TX 78759
the eats: A special tasting menu paired with Old Forester Bourbon
the bucks: $0 – sorry kids, perks of the life. This was a complimentary dinner. Typical avg entree price is $30 at the restaurant
the full nelson: a lesson that when you drink heavy hitting bourbon, you deserve heavy hitting proteins

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a bourbon tasting menu prepared at a new restaurant in Austin called Provision, sponsored by Old Forester. Now tasting menus aren’t exactly typical fare at Bang for your Burger Buck but indulgence in rich foods certainly is. Besides, you can learn a lot from fancy meals too and who knows, you might even find a tip or two here the next time you hit up a primo restaurant and have to decide on whether to get the surf or the turf.

The correct answer is “both” in case you were wondering.


Taco Bronco ~ Austin TX

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Austin isn’t exactly a two horse town when it comes to food. Sure, there are plenty of farm to table special occasion meals, some ridiculously good burgers, and some of the best soup dumplings I have ever had but if you came here and just stuck to barbecue and tacos, you would cover a lot of delicious ground.

So imagine then what happens if tacos and barbecue get into a tussle? When the dust settles, what emerges is a hand held, no napkins necessary(almost), smoked meat experience. Welcome to a taco new wave. Giddy-up my friends, you are about to jump on the Taco Bronco Chuck Wagon.

I think I’ve been in Texas too long . . .