Meet Ali Khan: a natural born glutton, host of Cheap Eats on Cooking Channel and the creator of Bang for your Burger Buck. As the son of South Asian immigrants, Ali learned to embrace exotic cuisine at a young age. It was inevitable that this passion for food would shape his professional career, and led him to become BlackBook Magazine’s Senior Editor of Los Angeles Dining and Nightlife Guide at age 26. In addition, Ali dedicated his writing skills to several popular lifestyle websites, including Urban Daddy, LA TACO, and was a regular contributor to You Gotta Eat This. In 2015, Ali launched the successful blog series Bang For Your Burger Buck. His passion for all things epicurean combined with his B.A. in Theater Studies from University of Southern California led him to Food Network, where he appeared on Grill It with Bobby Flay, Best Thing I Ever Made, and Chopped Junior. Ali also shot, edited, and hosted his own food series with the digital media company, Tastemade. When Ali is not traveling the country to discover Cheap Eats, he resides with his wife and son in Austin, Texas.

Ali Khan Spray Painting Cheap Eats

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