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This Big Mac Slider has a name: Tater Mac

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Tater Mac: a Big Mac Slider

Big Mac Slider could have been the best google search I could have done lately, second only to my search for Big Mac Sauce. If you have been keeping up my recent wave of recipes; you may have caught my previous slider recipe: White Castle in your own Castle. Well now it’s time to take on a Big Mac Slider.

Meet Tater Mac: my take on a Big Mac Slider.

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Easy Dal Recipe

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An Easy Dal Recipe

This easy dal recipe post has been a long time coming. Dal is the comfort food of my people. Growing up in a Bengali household in the Midwest in the 1980s, “Indian food” was seldom something we would go out for. It was the food we ate at home on weeknights and on weekends at friend’s homes. It was a cuisine I took for granted until I went off to college and found myself 2000 miles from my mother’s kitchen.

Now one might think I’m about to share her recipe but truth be told: she was not a great cook. Still, her dal was a favorite of mine and to this day the site of yellow split pea dal sends me back to the days of my youth.

This truly is an easy dal recipe thanks to the time saving hack of reaching for the Instant Pot. It might seem like a lot of effort to reach for two pots, but the final product will make the time spent digging through your cabinets totally worth it.


Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder

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Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder

Easter rolled around and rather than have a barbecue because of this once in a lifetime global pandemic called Corona, I decided to make a slow roasted pork shoulder and let my oven do most of the work. For me, holidays mean a hearty roast dinner and if I can prepare the sides at once, or at least in the drippings of the roast . . . I am a happy camper, COVID-19 be damned.

If you have ever made Suzanne Goin’s herb and mustard pork roast from her Sunday Suppers at Lucques cookbook, you know the power of fresh herbs, garlic, dijon mustard and olive oil have on a pork roast.

And once again I am salivating as I type.

Leftover roast chicken soup text

Leftover Roast Chicken Soup

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Leftover Roast Chicken Soup

Leftover Roast Chicken soup is exactly that: an act of leftovers. Nobody heads into the weekends bragging about the soup they are gonna make but it’s the smart play to make when you want to turn one dinner into two, or three or four. Soup tastes better the next day, you can freeze it and its one dish that is simply better made at home than anywhere else.

If you made the simple roast chicken recipe I shared last week, get ready. This the perfect companion recipe.


Recipe: Simple Roast Chicken

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Simple Roast Chicken 

I have been roasting whole chickens for over a decade now. At one point I was into a Jamie Oliver recipe where you made a prosciutto herb butter and stuffed it under the skin. That was pretty darn good but a bit time consuming and frankly not any better than a simple roast chicken. I’m going to show you a very basic recipe that hones in on the essential elements of a perfect roast chicken dinner: juicy meat, crispy skin and delicious fat soaked vegetables as your sides.

Honestly, I salivate while just thinking about it.

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Recipe: Coffee Rub Steak

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Coffee Rub Steak 

This isn’t the first time I have made a coffee rub steak on the grill. But in the age of the Coronapocalypse, my grilling has kicked into overdrive. The age of #selfquarantine has also got me looking at a big fat shelf of cookbooks I have collected over the years that I just don’t crack open often enough. Well that is all about to change. I’m starting a new chapter of Bang for your Burger Buck: Cook the Book, where I test drive recipes and share the results.

And with that, let’s get down with Cool Smoke’s Coffee Rub Steak . . . .