Cheap Eats Season 3

premieres Wednesday July 12th 10pm EST/ 7pm PST

on Cooking Channel

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 About the Show

In each episode, Ali visits a new city to prove that great food does not have to break the bank. With 12 hours in each location and only $35 to spare, his sights are set on the biggest, most delicious, bang for his buck for breakfast, lunch, a snack, and dinner. In Season One he follows his appetite to spots in Albuquerque, Austin, Boulder, Charlestown, Chicago, and Miami to chow down on some of the most flavorful and affordable fare in each destination, meeting the local chefs along the way. Season Two takes him to Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Richmond, Bozeman, Jackson Hole, Salt Lake City, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis, Louisville, Chattanooga, Omaha, Des Moines and his hometown of St. Louis. In Season Three, Ali ventures to Annapolis, Charlottesville, Washington DC, Alexandria, Portland, Spokane, Nashville, Cincinnati, Detroit, Milwaukee, Providence, Portsmouth, and Burlington.

Before diving into his plate, Ali gets a lesson from the talented chefs on how to make the delicious dishes, uncovering the ingredients and techniques used to prepare them. From dishes that are just as impressive as the Chicago skyline, to mouthwatering meals in Boulder that are just as magnificent as the Rocky Mountains, to sizzling snacks in Albuquerque that are just as hot as the desert, Ali uncovers the finest flavors and tastiest local delicacies for the best price.

Season Three of Cheap Eats treks all over the US, from firmly established food scenes like Portland Oregon to true up and comers like Portsmouth New Hampshire. The one thing that unites these diverse cities is Ali’s commitment to dine fine on a budget. And remember: It Khan Be Done!!

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