One from the Vault: Al & Bea’s – Boyle Heights, CA

Burgers, from the Vault at LA TACO, Los Angeles, West Coast By February 7, 2013 No Comments

Etched into my memory was a straight up Twitter warning telling me never to speak of Al & Bea’s over the internet, it is that cherished. There is something about this tiny little Mexican American stand that just seems right. Lines of folks at odd hours help make that case as well. And though they are known more so for their legendary Bean and Cheese Burritos, their burgers sure do shine thanks to a well oiled griddle and rock bottom prices. Just how cheap? Seeing is believing . . .


One from the Vault: Burgers and More – Alhambra, CA

Burgers, from the Vault at LA TACO, Los Angeles, West Coast By January 30, 2013 No Comments

There is something deeply satisfying about the charbroiled, stacked burger experience. Those 1/4lb frozen hockey pucks can deliver taste, if time and care are taken in the defrosting and grilling process. What makes these types of burgers work is texture. Gooey cheese, the crunch of shredded lettuce, a tangy thousand island sauce that is studded with just enough flecks of relish. It’s a cheap burger that just tastes good. Burgers and More serves up a fine one and for under $5 too, making the drive to Alhambra just a little bit shorter and in that part of Los Angeles there is plenty more noshing to do . . .